New Computer Consulting and Setup / Data Transfer

Do you want a new computer?

Now is the perfect time whether for yourself, your kids or your business!

WHY?  Because we are able to get you a better system for the same price you would have paid for an off-the-shelf model.

Best of all, as a valued Computer Experts client, you don’t have to go fight the hordes at Best Buy and deal with a bombardment of tech speak that doesn’t matter to you.

Unsure about Windows 10?  Heard lots of bad things about Windows 8 and its lack of a start menu?  When you have us configure and install your new system, you’ll get the familiar Windows start menu you’re used to from the first time you turn it on!  As one new client said recently, “You mean I’ve been frustrated by Windows 8 for the last year and I didn’t have to be?  I wish I would have purchased the computer through you!”

You don’t have to lift a finger when we come to setup your computer.  We will transfer your data from the old computer, install your programs and printers and answer any questions you may have.

Stop wasting your valuable time on a slow computer – just pick up the phone and call Erick at 512-261-5800 x2, answer a few simple questions about your needs, and we’ll give you a couple of options with an easy explanation of their benefits to you.  Start the ball rolling now, simple and stress-free!